Hair growth cycle

hair growth cycle

Hair growth occurs in 3 phases

1) Anagen (growth): in this active phase, the hair is taking nutrients from the Dermal Papilla and begins new hair formation and growth. This phase determines the length of your hair. This phase can last anywhere between 2-5 years and approximately 80-90% of your follicles at any given time are in Anagen.

2) Catagen (transition): is a transitional phase where the hair detaches from the Dermal Papilla, seizing the blood supply to the hair which causes the growth cycle to stop. The follicle shrinks 1/6th of its normal length, by doing so it lifts the hair up resulting in the bulb to become club shaped, known as club hair. This phase lasts 1-2 weeks and approximately 1-3% of your follicles at any given time are in Catagen.

3) Telogen (resting): is the resting phase where the old hair rests and the new hair begins it’s growing phase. So the club hair is pushed out by the new growing hair, meaning Telogen and Anagen are happening together. This what we experience as shedding. An individual can shed up to 100 Telogen hair per day. This phase lasts 3 months and approximately 10-15% of your follicles at any given time are in Telogen.

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