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Have you been looking for a full-service beard transplant near the Gold Coast? Dr Hair is committed to restoring your confidence with a personal approach to hair care. 

Aspiring to be the change the hair restoration needs to an ethical and personal approach, our dedicated team ensures each client receives personalised care. Contact our leaders in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment today. After all, your medical care with us is at the forefront.

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Why Book Dr Hair for Beard Transplant Services near the Gold Coast?

Compared to other industry experts with a salesperson approach to hair treatment and prevention, why come to Dr Hair for a hair assessment? 

  • Expert Team: Our specialists are leaders in the field of hair restoration, combining years of experience with a passion for achieving the best outcomes for our clients on the Gold Coast.
  • Advanced Techniques: We utilise the most modern and efficient hair transplant technologies. Our approach ensures natural-looking density and texture that mimic your natural hair growth.
  • Personalised Care: At Dr Hair, consultations are conducted by our medical professionals, not sales representatives. We prioritise understanding your goals and designing a procedure plan that meets your expectations.

Whether you’re based in Surfers Paradise, Mermaid Waters, or Burleigh Heads, we can help restore your natural look and boost your day-to-day confidence. 

hair transplant

Our modern hair transplant procedures can get you back to feeling your best possible self. The procedure does not just change your hairline and your look: it’s about boosting confidence and giving you a new lease of life too.


We're able to transplant hair to any part of the body or face. Transplanted hair follicles are selected one-by-one to match the existing beard & facial hair to create a seamless looking result.


Exactly like a beard transplant, an eyebrow transplant requires precise calculations, symmetrical design, controlled depth, direction and angle to ensure a seamlessly natural result.

Beard Transplant near the Gold Coast – Seamless Results

Whether you want to redefine your beard line, or fully reconstruct your beard due, our refined technique minimises discomfort and speeds up the recovery process, with most clients resuming normal activities within days.

The hair used in the transplant is taken from areas that match the facial hair's texture. As these hairs are genetically resistant to shedding, they continue to grow normally, allowing you to groom and style your beard just as you would with natural growth. If you have any questions regarding the procedure, you can always book an appointment with our leaders in diagnosis and prevention!

Absolutely Safe

We've established strict protocols that apply to all procedures.

Little or no down-time

With direct hair implantation it is possible to transplant hair to any part of the body or face. Transplanted hair follicles are selected one-by-one to match the existing facial hair to create a seamless looking result.

Painless Procedure

Only local anesthesia is used so the patient can comfortably watch TV, listen to music, or even take a nap.

Beard Transplant near Gold Coast – Custom Solutions for Every Client

Understanding that each client has unique facial features and personal goals, Dr Hair offers custom beard transplant for residents on the Gold Coast. During your initial consultation, our doctors assess your facial structure, existing hair density, and discuss your goals to create a treatment plan that you’re happy with.

This personalised approach helps in achieving a result that looks natural and enhances your overall facial symmetry. Whether it’s filling in patches, thickening the existing beard, or constructing a new beard line, our goal is to help you achieve the beard you’ve always desired.

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Beard Transplant near the Gold Coast – Book a Consultation

Ready to take the next step towards a fuller, more defined beard? Contact Dr Hair on the Gold Coast at 0434 706 501 or visit our website to schedule your consultation. With in-clinic consults, video consultations for interstate patients and follow-up appointments, you will always stay informed. 

As leaders in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, we aim to give you the best possible results.

Frequently Asked Questions – Beard Transplant near the Gold Coast

After undergoing a beard transplant at our clinic, most clients experience minimal downtime. The recovery is usually rapid and pain-free, allowing most clients to resume normal activities within a few days post-procedure. Full healing and initial hair growth are typically observed within a few months.

At Dr Hair, we specialise in performing beard transplants with a focus on delivering natural-looking results. By carefully selecting and placing each hair follicle to match your existing facial hair, we ensure that the results enhance your facial features seamlessly. Over time, the transplanted hair blends with your natural hair, further enhancing the authenticity of the appearance.

As with any medical procedure, there are minimal risks involved in undergoing a beard transplant. However, our expert team uses advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to minimise potential complications. Patients are also provided with detailed aftercare instructions to promote safe and effective healing.

Absolutely! During your initial consultation at our clinic, our team will discuss your aesthetic goals, assess your facial structure, and existing hair pattern to create a tailored treatment plan. This personalised approach allows you to customise the density, shape, and style of your desired beard.

Post-transplant care is crucial for the best results. Dr Hair provides comprehensive aftercare support and advice to ensure your new beard maintains its health and appearance. This includes guidance on proper grooming techniques and products to use. As the transplanted hair is permanent and grows normally, you can treat it just like your natural beard.

Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 10 MB.
Send us your photos for a personalised consultation. Note that photos are not required.

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